RIKKI ROCKETT "I've Stopped Telling Anybody That POISON Is Going To Tour"

Date August 26, 2016 / 2275 reads

Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited recently conducted an interview with Rikki Rockett. Rockett was asked about his return to playing music now that he has been declared cancer free after undergoing an experimental treatment. A couple of excerpts follow below:

Jeb: What's up with music?

Rikki: I want to play and I would love to tour. Hopefully that will happen. I've stopped telling anybody that Poison is going to tour because every time we say we will something comes along and screws it up. I would like to do that. I'm good enough to do it. I'm fine. I am absolutely fine.

Jeb: What about Devil City Angels?

Rikki: It really sucked that I had to just let that go when I got cancer. The record was starting to do well and things were happening. I'm really proud of that record. It is what it is. What was I going to do? Everybody else has found their little niche? Brandon and I still work together. We are happy with everything, but I couldn't hold those guys down. What was I going to do? Tell them, "Hey I've got to go beat cancer. You guys wait for me." I couldn't do that.

Jeb: Is that just over?

Rikki: We are just inactive at the moment. Traci Gunns has some things going on right now. There is nothing saying we couldn't put something together one day and go do some shows.