RIKKI ROCKETT Message And Tour Notes

Date May 19, 2001 / 314 reads

This is the last e-news letter before I leave to embark on the tour.
I will continue to have e-mail as long as where I'm at has a connection.
So, at times I may be able to e-mail back right away and other times it may take a day or so. So, make sure you give me amble time to respond.

I ask that no one send me jokes or useless graphics that take forever to download as I may have shit connections in some areas. I love jokes, but waiting for two hours to see some joke when I'm trying to get my e-mail because of some lousy 28k connection sucks! Sexy pictures are always welcome, but please, keep any pics to a resonable bit depth.

Anyway, the show is going to be awesome with some really surpising production and some older Poison songs ta boot. Our pyro is off the hook this year! My drums are off the hook this year! This whole tour is off the hook!

Anyway, see ya's soon!

Packing like a mofo