RIKKI ROCKETT on DEF LEPPARD "Fact Is, There Is a Mutual Respect Between Us"

Date March 1, 2009 / 659 reads

POISON drummer Rikki Rockett writes on his MySpace page: "Folks keep askin' me, 'Are you really touring with DEF LEPPARD this summer?' The answer is, Yes! Not only that, CHEAP TRICK is on the bill as well! Now, some of you are wondering things like, 'I thought POISON and Joe Elliott hated each other?' Well, not at all. Bret [Michaels, POISON singer], Joe and myself got a little carried away last summer takin' the piss outta each other. The fact is, I think there is a real mutual respect between us. After all, both of our bands have withstood the test of time. Life is short, let's get rocked!"