RIKKI ROCKETT "POISON As A Creative Force Is Very Handicapped Right Now"

Date August 25, 2004 / 310 reads

Rikki Rockett has posted the following message on The Rockett Haus message board:

"I know I don't post here often enough, but I seriuously can't keep up with all the threads and when that happens, people think I'm being snotish or something. I do my best.

"Anyway, this is how I see POISON as of this point...

"Remember, this is my perspective and I can't speak for the whole band. I think POISON has oversaturated the touring market the past five years. I think we need a year break from touring. Not a break from working, but from touring. If I had my druthers, POISON would make an entire new record. Not a box set (not that I care if there is one, fine, we should have one I guess), not another 'Greatest Hits' packaged somehow, but a new, real record. Then a proper follow up tour with some newer bands that are similar or at least have respect for POISON. I'm not interested in having the latest grumpy band out there. I'm not interested in having another 80's package with no more than 1/2 original members left with 5 times the ego. I'm more interested in the newer garage scene that is emerging all around. This type of rock is more similar to what POISON is and was than anything to come around in the last 20 years.

"I also do not support Bret's country career. I want Bret to be happy and I think what he wants to do is viable, but I think the timing is wrong. I'm not fighting Bret with it, but I just think this is a time where POISON can lead the way for more rock n roll to come. I simply think it's a conflict of interest. It would be the same as me wanting to have a Rap career. Sure, it can cross over, but only when one propels the other. This ain't happenin' here (and I don't like Rap anyway!)

"I think Bret should write country if that is what he wants to do and he feels he has something to say with it. But, right now, I think POISON needs to be POISON and that requires 100% of Bret's attention. It also requires C.C. to be sober. As for country, I really don't care if POISON is a country friendly band. I write and perform music for adults, not kids. Country is for the whole family these days. It's marketed that way. It's the epitome of commercialization.

"I personally feel that if folks bring their kids to a rock show they should know what they are getting. Give me southern rock or outlaw country. That stuff is akin to rock n roll, but not what is happening now. Please!

"As for the future... I think POISON will take a year off and put out a box set with the possibility of a few new tracks and then we'll do an anniversary tour. That's what I foresee. I think POISON as a creative force is very handicapped right now.

"I have read many of these posts and some of you are right, POISON doesn't dress up anymore. I try, but as a band, nope! I don't want to look like I did in 1986. I can't and don't want to try and pull it off, I think it would be silly, but I do think POISON could do a much better job.

"As for me, I'll keep on tryin' to get this band to do its best, but I can't promise anything. I want to have a kickin' rock record, dress kick ass and have a kickin' tour next time out. It's time for POISON to move to the next phase of its career, be creative, make great rock music and enjoy each other and our fans. Right now, we are a very scattered lot."