RIKKI ROCKETT Signs Drum Deal With Pork Pie Percussion (Press Release)

Date February 24, 2002 / 2291 reads

After a 12 year relationship with Drum Workshop and then a brief stint with Innovation Drums, Rikki Rockett, drummer for the multi-platinum rock group Poison, has found a new home at Pork Pie Percussion. "This stands out as one of the most exciting moves I have ever made as a drummer!" Rockett said. "Pork Pie's rich quality, amazing sound and relentless attention to detail make these drums unparalleled by other drum makers."

Rikki met Bill Detamore, President of Pork Pie Percussion and chief drum builder in 1987. Bill started making drums as a hobby. Bill sold one, made two more and so on. This evolved into some of the finest handmade drums available today. Rockett remarks, "I've always admired Bill's work and craftsmanship. Bill became a good friend, but my loyalty to D.W. and later to Innovation Drums made me myopically overlook the obvious choice of drums that I really wanted to play. When Bill invited me to come aboard with Pork Pie, I was elated! I felt like I had finally arrived where I wanted to be."

Rockett and Detamore have been furiously brainstorming on the first Pork Pie kit that Rockett will take on the road this year on Poison's latest Summer outing. "It's going to be funky, fun and classy all at the same time, but most importantly, it is going to sound phenomenal!" Rockett enthused.
"I certainly still admire Drum Workshop and Innovation. I have the utmost respect for John Good at D.W. and Steve Badalament of Innovation respectively. Changing companies is a big deal for a drummer as you can certainly lose your credibility. I'm proud to say that any drum I have ever played has been based on quality and the relationship with the company and their people. I have nothing but good things to say about D.W. and Innovation.
I'm very familiar with Bill's quality and I am convinced that Pork Pie is the home that I have been waiting to go to for sometime now . I think the fit is perfect."

Pork Pie Percussion has been making quality drums since 1987 and can be found in many music stores across the world.