Date July 15, 2008 / 564 reads

In a posting on his MySpace page, Rikki writes, "I know, it's kinda old news at this point, but I must say a few words about Joe Elliott talkin' some smack about POISON and MÖTLEY. Mainly because he is continuing to talk smack in other interviews as well.

"Now, I'm sure MÖTLEY can defend themselves, so I'll leave that alone, and Bret [Michaels, POISON singer] did cover it rather well. However, I was talkin' with some friends last night and we were shaking our heads wondering when Joe became a rock historian. Well, Joe, when did ya? Do you think saying bad things about another band makes people like your band more? Oh, no. Can't be it. Let me guess, 'You were JUST being honest.'

"Look, I have always enjoyed DEF LEPPARD. But, as of late that pre-programmed, 'Mutt' Lange live record you guys are doing out there on tour is anything but 'substance.' JUST being honest.

"Joe! I'd be hurt if this were coming from John Lennon. Listen up, you are not quite that important there, fella! Ya know, just like you I put my pants on one leg at a time, but when I put mine on, Joe, they are cooler than yours! But does it really matter? So it takes about 1 minute and 45 seconds to put on eyeliner. I suppose during that same time you were writing the next 'Imagine'.

"In the words of the great AEROSMITH, 'Get a grip!' Oh, and by the way, just to add to your royal information pool of rock history, Sir Joe, in the '70s it was 'glitter rock", in the '80s it was glam rock."