RIKKI ROCKETT Speaks of Record Contract

Date February 5, 1997 / 340 reads

Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, U.S.A

This is a post from Rikki Rockett on the Poison board on AOL:

Hello everyone!
Sorry that I haven't written. I have been busy trying to maintain 3 websites, 3 E-mails, my comic book company, do martial arts and last but not least... Poison! Somewhere along the line I need a life too!

Anyway, enough of my sniveling. C.C. is for sure back. We just had a series of meetings with him and we are moving foward. There are no concrete plans on a tour although it is a possibility that we will tour before we do a record. We may do a record first however.

The next two weeks will tell us what we are going to do. We have been offered several tour dates but, touring without a record is touchy biz. We have also been offered several record deals. At this time, we haven't really looked into them seriously. It really doesn't matter where we go with a record deal, we are going to control it this time or no deal! In fact, we may just fund it ourselves and the hell with answering to anyone. We've done that long enough. What does all this mean? It means Poison is back and means business. We are not worried about the rest of the state of music. We are what we are and thats that. We have fans and we'll get new ones. We'll make records, we'll tour we'll kick ass and we'll have fun! That is what being in rock band is all about...

Till later...