Date May 22, 2000 / 924 reads

Hello All,

Sorry I have been so lame about my lil' newsletters as of late. But, my ass is Poison's right now. We just finished a big assed photosession and a music video for the song "Power To The People". Release date for the video is yet to be determined.

As for "Glitter For Your Soul", it is going great. Dealing with guest star schedules is a pain, but the songs are turning out fantastic! I don't have a release date for it yet because of the potential that it may not be finished before the Poison tour. I'm hoping it is, but there is that possibility.

As for Poison, I am trying to find the time to finish a brief Flash based site. If you have ever worked in Flash, you know that it is very time consuming. I am about four websites behind in my commitments right now. (See some Flash stuff at: www.shockwave.com and get the plug-ins, it is well worth it.)

Poison is also adding dates to the "Power To The People" tour. We are into September (updates on the www.poisonweb.com website coming soon) and trying to schedule South America in September as well.

I have also been overwhelmed with requests for tickets and passes for Poison shows. Let me explain something, we all do our very best to meet as many people as we can. We are only human and I only hope that people will realize that there is only so many hours in a day and only so much energy one can commit to meeting people. It's easy to drive yourself into the ground, get really sick and ruin the whole tour. Again, we do our best. Please work with us on this one.

As for tickets, here is another tough one. This is a business, this touring stuff. Poison is hired by a promoter to play a given show. We are alotted a certain amount of free tickets to hook up guests with. When they are gone, they are gone! You can't take bought and paid for tickets and give them away. That would really infuriate people and rightfully so. Poison has worked really hard to keep ticket prices down, have an awesome show and have great guest bands. This all takes money and we have sacrificed alot of money to keep the price down unlike many other acts out there who claim they are all about their fans. Remember though, we are hired to play a show. That's it. We only have so much control over what happens with ticket vendors and stuff. Poison is NOT out to ever fuck over our fans, ever!

In closing, this tour is bigger than Poison or any of the bands on the tour. Meaning, it represents a facet of rock that is being ignored by the industry at large. Please support this tour and any rock show or record out there when you can. Last year set a precedence that still has critics scratching their heads and wondering why Poison is doing so well on tour. You all know the reason. It's was the Power Of The People! The Power Of The Fans. While the critics and the industry have their head up their ass and Eminem rags everyone on MTV, the real rockers will simply be having a good time this summer. Enjoy!

In the words of C.C. DeVille, "The best is yet to come!"