RIKKI ROCKETT "We Have No Plans To Play Anywhere Outside NorthAmerica -- There Isn't Any POISON Album In The Works"

Date June 15, 2017 / 1862 reads

Rikki chats with Tom Lounges of Lakeshore Public Radio about the summer tour, the band's history, being a cancer survivor, his passion for motorcycles, and his all-star side band Devil City Angels. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

TL: Is this just a NorthAmerican tour or you're gonna be taking this package globaly?

RR: I'd love to go other places with it but unfortunatly I think it is just North America.

TL: Will Poison be going on their own anywhere outside NorthAmerica?

RR: Well, we don't have plans at the moment but there hasn't been some talk but it just nearly been talk at this point.

TL: Other than the expected hits, is the band doing anything, any deeper cuts, any hits that maybe hadn't played before haven't played in a long long time?

RR: Well, we are doing "Cry Tough" and a couple of things on the headlining dates [...] we're with DL in between with DL and Tesla, we don't have as much time [...] we have to package full of the hits [...] that's what we're doin', it'd be nice to get outhere and do b-sides, I mean Bret and I were just in the dressing room listening some stuff we haven't done in a long time and thinking "men, I just really want to do some of this" so, hopefully there'll be another tour that we can do that, stretch out a little bit and do that kind of stuff, that be awesome.

TL: Fans wants to hear more originals now, so, is there anything in the works?

RR: There isn't anything in the works, quite frankly, I wish there were, we thought about that, but I can't give you a solid answer.