Rock Of Love Bus ends well for BRET MICHAELS

Date March 11, 2009 / 580 reads

The Pulse of Radio reports: "Rock of Love Bus" is POISON singer Bret Michaels' third attempt at finding love on VH1 ? and it might have been a charm. Although new episodes of the show are still airing on Sunday nights, the show has wrapped filming and Michaels told The Pulse of Radio that the setting of this season deserves credit for him having made a connection with the winning lady. When asked if he found love this time around, Michaels told The Pulse of Radio, "I think so. And here's the thing, it withstood, the test, I say this to everybody. You want to get to know a true character of a human being, take them on a road trip. And when you go on a bus, and a road trip and you watch this unfold, the true character of people comes out really quickly."

Despite the show's intention of finding a mate for Michaels, "Rock of Love" has instead become tabloid fodder because of the outrageous ? often drunk and naked ? behavior of the female contestants. Michaels commented on the ironic role reversal that has been created, telling The Pulse of Radio, "In the end, I'm supposed to be this crazy rocker and the girls fall in love. It turns out I've become the therapist and the voice of reason and the girls are the rock stars. So it's kinda like the, I think the exact opposite of what you expect to happen, happened, and it ended up being pretty fun to watch."