SAMANTHA 7 Expands From A Trio To A Quartet

Date September 14, 2000 / 232 reads

As reported by Gerri Miller on the Metal Edge and KNAC.com Websites, SAMANTHA 7 expands from a trio to a quartet for the upcoming tour slated to begin September 27 in Sandusky, Ohio, thanks to the temporary addition of GREAT WHITE's MICHAEL LARDIE on guitar and keyboards. "I wanted to concentrate on singing, and some of the songs needed a bigger sound," says frontman C.C. DeVILLE, who's already writing with Lardie for possible usage on the next GW album. The set will include "I Hate Every Bone in Your Body But Mine," DeVille's contribution to POISON's last release, and an encore of "Talk Dirty to Me," for which an audience member will be invited on stage to sing lead in what DeVille calls "Poison karaoke."

DeVille is thrilled that Samantha 7's "I Wanna Be Famous" will be heard on the new WB TV series Grosse Pointe (promo spots featuring he song are already airing). A video exclusive featuring rehearsal and interview footage with Samantha 7 will be up in Metal Edge Online's Members section soon.