SEBASTIAN BACH Explains Why He Changed His Mind About Touring With Bands Like POISON

Date August 22, 2008 / 715 reads

Jason Bracelin of the Las Vegas Review-Journal recently conducted an interview with Sebastian Bach. On opening for POISON espite the fact that he hates being associated with the '80s hair metal scene after having initially came to fame fronting Jersey rockers SKID ROW:

"Ten years ago I wouldn't have done it, because every interview I ever did it was, 'NIRVANA's here, it's over for POISON and SKID ROW.' I was having a tough enough time defending my band and myself, I didn't need to defend 100 other bands that I had nothing to do with. But that's a long time ago. I'll tell you one thing, America loves POISON with SEBASTIAN BACH. We are selling more tickets than the Rockstar Mayhem Tour with SLIPKNOT and DISTURBED. We're bigger."