Date February 3, 1998 / 1060 reads

Source: Sheen-Michaels Entertainment
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

Bret Michaels has been fighting to stop the release of a graphic and sexually explicit home video tape of he and former girlfriend, Pamela Anderson Lee since March of 1996. Michaels, who was offered in excess of two million dollars for the tape states, "F*ck off, the tape is not for sale. The tape was made when Pamela and I lived together and was intended for our private use only. I have a new relationship and have moved on with my life." Michales continues, "I must admit I was surprised that the Lee's did so much press to promote their tape in which they claim they did not want the public to see. But I was more shocked by this, the Lee's have weakened any chance I may have to prevent my tape from coming out." However, Ed McPherson, Attorney for Mr. Michaels says, "We have been and will continue to make every effort possible to stop this from moving forward."

I.E.G. web site http://www.clublove.com has publicly admitted that the Pamela/Bret tape is forty-five minutes of pure sex and expects the sales of the tape to far exceed the much-publicized Pamela/Tommy tape. Apparently, I.E.G. feels because Pamela has made a career of nudity, soft-core porn and adult entertainment, she has released her right of privacy, leaving Michaels little chance to stop the tape from coming out. Michaels states, "Pamela may have lost her right of privacy, but I have not lost mine and have no intention to let this tape come out."

Shane Stanley, Vice President of Sheen/Michaels Entertainment states, "If you remember, Bret Michaels was voted by PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE as sexiest man alive two years in a row. Bret was offered a lot of money to pose nude and refused."

Michelle Marx, Michaels' publicist says, "Bret is making a statement available to the media because of his growing career as a filmmaker. We just want people to know that this is in no way indicative of the film that Bret's making now or will in the future. It's kind of sad, Pamela must be made to feel like a one trick pony, Bret always said she was a nice girl."