Taya Parker talks about BRET MICHAELS Audio Available

Date April 15, 2009 / 4268 reads

In an interview with Chaunce Hayden of Steppin? Out magazine, Taya Parker talked about ?Rock Of Love Bus? and supposed new boyfriend, Bret Michaels.

She spoke of how she feels towards Bret, saying, "Once I realized the ring he was holding was for me, I started to look around thinking, ?Okay, are we getting married? Are my parents here?? To be honest, I told him after the show, ?I?m glad you had your head on straight because I totally would have married you right then and there.? I really would have!"

The two are supposed to be reuniting this coming Sunday on the Rock Of Love Reunion Show. She says that she?d be hurt if they wouldn?t communicate after everything is said and done.

She adds, "I would definitely be hurt. Considering what I went through on that show, I would at least expect a phone call. I think being the person who he is he would do that. I left the ball in Bret?s court. If he wants to date, I?m jumping in with both feet. I could fall in love with him with a snap of a finger. There?s also a part of me that?s going to protect myself emotionally until I feel it?s safe for me to do that. So, stay tuned."