THE STEPMOTHERS Officially Changed Their Name To SAMANTHA 7

Date December 22, 1999 / 470 reads

This message was posted by KRYS at S7 Forum coming from 209.244.73

How is everybody???? Just letting ya'll know that The Stepmothers have now officially changed the name to "SAMANTHA 7". This website will remain up at the same address for a long while until the everyone gets used to the name. It will also be linked up to both sites so whether you type the old or the new name it will go directly to the new site. For those who don't know, the Stepmothers was being used by an old band here [there is some guy that had one song on some independent lable compilation about ten years ago that owns the name, so John Koladner thought it might be easier to change it at this time rather than have the album out and have to deal with it] and also in Europe. Since our deal is a worldwide deal, we had to change it. We really hope you all will accept the change. The name came from a kindergarden teacher C.C. used to have (he had a crush on her) and her name was Samantha Severin, but he always pronounced her last name "7" (he was quite young) and so the new name was born. The album is still set for March 3rd with a single to be released around the middle of February. The photos are amazing- I think you'll all dig 'em. So, I'll quit blabbin' now. On behalf of CC, Francis, and Me (Samantha 7) you all have a great holiday and we'll see you on tour this summer. Keep writin' in and we'll keep answerin'. Take care...Krys