TOMMY LEE Talks Touring With POISON

Date June 30, 2011 / 666 reads

Tommy Lee was interviewed by Miriam Di Nunzio, Staff Reporter of suntimes.com

MDN: So what?s it like to be on the road with Poison?

Tommy Lee: The tour?s pretty new. On any big tour like this you rarely see each other. You show up, play your stuff and then everybody jumps on their tour busses and goes. I think I finally talked to (Poison drummer) Rikki Rockett for the first time in two weeks and even then it was just like, ?Hey man.?

MDN: So there?s no hangin? out together after the show partying?

TL: Not at all. It?s not like we?re all on the same bus sleeping together in our jammies. After the gigs, I pretty much go to dance clubs and s--t [laughing] and those guys ain?t gonna go there. Ya know? My dressing room is the party room, so if they?d be anywhere after a show it?s there. And they?re not there.