TRACII GUNS Talks About His Brief Stint With POISON

Date June 10, 2010 / 1490 reads

Tracii was in Poison for two weeks in early 2000, when C.C. Deville departed the band for a month over a dispute over his new band opening for Poison that summer.

In a recent interview with The Quietus, he talked about his brief stint with Poison:

"The Poison thing was really cool, believe it or not. They're a funny band, they have a huge fan base but no one will admit to liking them. They're one of those bands. We'd just done that Shrinking Violet tour that I was talking about earlier, and I came home and CC had quit Poison. So I got a call from each of the guys from Poison, saying 'We want you to be in the band'. It was a no brainer, they were going to release a greatest hits thing and then we'd be going to do a summer tour. So basically my commitment was just for the summer and it was for a lot of fucking money, man. So we got together and we started writing and rehearsing and figuring out what we were going to do and how I was going to fit in. And then out of nowhere, CC came back, which in my mind was a crazy-weird selfish thing. I think had it been any other guitar player he probably wouldn't have given a shit, but I'd known CC for probably 20 years at that point and I think he just really didn't like the idea of me in the band. So that all came and went very quickly. But it was cool. I never ended up playing live with Poison - it was pretty much just a couple of weeks of rehearsals and a lot of conversations and stories. So it was definitely cool, nothing bad there. And they paid me for it, so that was even better."