Date September 8, 2003 / 633 reads

As reported by Metal Sludge:

This is a email we were just sent and it looks to be true. A few other people have reported this incident on Poison's message board. But first, here's the email we received:

Just to let ya know. I went to see Poison, Vince, and Skid Row, last night in Champaign, IL. After the show Bret Michaels did a meet and greet for his fan club at the tour bus. I was 4 feet from the bus door waiting for my turn to get a autograph from Bret. Next thing I know Vince Neil comes running up to the bus door. As Bret is signing a autograph for a girl, Vince pushes right past her, and starts yelling at Bret how they're a bunch of pussies then grabs Bret and tries to fight him. He started to pull Bret by his shirt then Poison's security pull Vince back and then Vince punches Poison's security guard in the head. Then all the security hold Vince up against a rental truck. After that Bret starts yelling to Vince to talk like brothers and come on the bus and calm down. As Vince is going on the bus, Bobby Dall starts yelling that Vince assaulted him. Then the cops show up and go on the Poison bus where Bret and Vince are. I waited around for over 2 hours nothing happened after that. Don't know if any one went to jail. I'm sure Vince won't be playing the 4 Cananda dates left on the tour. According to people there it was over a chick. Just thought I would share the excitement of the night.

This is what's been posted on Poison's message board:

My friend and I decided to try and get an autograph so we went ahead and were standing in line between the bus and the rental truck...maybe 10 people back and heard the whole fight. There were some taller people in front that we couldn't see over but my hubby and his friend were waiting for us to get done and seen the whole thing!! Ya, it was Big John that got hit...you talk about pissed!! He was hot!! I did see him because they started to come down in between the bus, that was kinda scary. Ricky was in it too...he was trying to kick Vince's butt too. Hubby did see Vince hit Bobby. It was interesting to say the least. From what hubby heard it was over a girl and Ricky. When we left the word was that they were going to hall Vince off but I don't know how true that is. I never did get my autograph but they told us if we go to one of his solo concerts that we can get it then.