Word From Capitol Records

Date April 7, 1997 / 355 reads

Source: of the 80's Metal List.
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

I e-mailed capitol records a while ago and told them they sucked for dropping poison and the other glam bands. I got a response from the lady who produced the greatest hits. I figured some of you might be interested in reading it.

here it is:


I couldn't agree more with you, but this label as well as most other labels are getting rid of what used to be their bread and butter (the ever popular hard rock bands). In the case of Capitol, the bottom line is that those at the top are not the same people that ran the label back in the 80's and early 90's. They just did not have the hands on experience working with them in their glory days. On the contrary, I am a huge POISON fan and have been one from the beginning and have been into this music since the early 80's. I am not a suit. I too am deeply disappointed that "Crack A Smile" will not come out as it is a great album, but as I said before these decisions come from those at the top.

I produced "POISON's Greatest Hits". I put two of those songs on the greatest hits as something special for the fans. The liner notes were written by Bret and Bret also wrote a track by track for each song. It also includes rare photos of the band from their personal collection. I hope you like the album. Incidently, it wasn't a choice between putting out "Crack A Smile" or the "Greatest Hits". The "Greatest Hits" wasn't figured into the 6 albums. POISON just got dropped before the album came out. The decision to release the greatest hits came much later and from different people than those that dropped the band. By the way keep a look out for Bret's solo material coming out this spring (on another label) - watch POISON's website for more details. I heard it and it sounds AWESOME!

--Karen Myer