2011 A Year In Review

Date January 1, 2012 / 1027 reads

On January 25, Bret Michaels has a successful surgery to close a hole in his heart. Doctors discovered the hole in Michaels' heart in April 2010 when he was treated for a brain hemorrhage.

A couple of weeks later, in an exclusive in-depth interview with Piers Morgan, Bret announces that for the first time ever POISON and MÖTLEY CRÜE will co-headline a select date summer tour with special guests the NEW YORK DOLLS.

In early April, Bret said to the South Bend Tribune that Poison don't have any plans to record any new music. Two days later, Rikki Rockett was interviewed by Bravewords.com and said that "he is going to continue to try and convince the band to do another Poison album.". In early May, Rikki spoke with Jam Magazine and said that "Poison needs a new record"

On May 3, "A Double Dose of Poison" is released. "It's a greatest hits... a sort of like a CD program of the songs we'll be doing on tour" said Bret.

On May 25, Poison kicks off tour in Tupelo, MS

On June 1 It had been 5 years since their last visit to Mexico, Poison played Arena Monterrey

In late August, Bret Michaels announces that he is working on a pair of new reality TV shows. He also said that Poison plans to tour again in the summer of 2012.

In early October, Poison's management denies a possible Poison concert announced in Perú but there is a possible South American tour in the works for later this year.

In October, a Chicago band known as Kid Rocker sues Poison claiming that four of their songs were stolen from the band. A few days later, Poison's attorney says the claims have absolutely no merit. In early November, Kid Rocker's attorney released an old radio interview where C.C. tells McCarthy "You should have made some money of the first POISON album".